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If you cannot resolve, please email [email protected]


What membership fees do I need to pay?

The type and cost of playing membership depends on whether you play masters, seniors or juniors, and your age group within juniors. The full range of fees for 2020 will be out soon. For different membership types within each category, follow the link here – Senior Memberships, Masters Memberships, Junior Memberships or Social Memberships. If you are still unsure which membership type to purchase, contact your coach, or Tracey Drake – [email protected]
How is my order processed?

When you purchase a membership online, your payment is processed online and details for the membership taken and stored securely. If your purchase has a physical item, such as the social memberships or the t-shirt for junior memberships, this will be available from the club following the purchase. If you require postage or more information, contact [email protected]


Are my credit card details stored?

No, we do not handle or store credit card details. All payments are taken through a secure third party – Stripe Payments – meaning that we do not store any credit card information.


Can I pay direct deposit?

All online payments need to be paid via credit card (or Visa or Mastercard Debit Cards) at the time of payment. If you do not have the facility to pay by this means, you can still pay via direct deposit into the club bank account, or via EFTPOS at the club. Contact Tracey Drake – [email protected] – for more information.


Can I set-up a payment plan?

Yes, payment plan options are always available, just not via online purchase. If you wish to pay via payment plan contact Tracey Drake – [email protected] – for more information.


Why do I have to pay AHC membership fees and HV membership fees?

The Hockey Victoria membership is a compulsory individual registration fee for all players. This fee includes your personal accident insurance cover, a Hockey Australia levy and free access to the State Netball Hockey Centre with your supplied membership card. It also ensures that you are a financial member for the purposes of participating in zone and state representative teams. Three levels of player registration are available, depending on your age – junior (under 10), youth (10 to 17) and adult (18 and over).

Your Altona Hockey Club membership ensures your eligibility for selection in an Altona team and the right to vote (if you are 18 or over) at the club’s Annual General Meeting. The fees you pay help us to provide coaches, umpires and training equipment, and to maintain our facilities to an appropriate standard. We also rely heavily on fundraising to cover the full costs of running the club, so we appreciate every effort to pay your fees on time.


When do I need to pay?

Payment for membership fees is due by Round 1.


I only plan to play a few games, what should I do?

Pay as you play or reduced membership fees for reduced games are available, contact Tracey Drake – [email protected] – to organise.