2021 Stick2Hockey Membership



The 2021 Stick2Hockey Playing Membership is for junior players in the Monday night Stick2Hockey 8 week program.

All players are also required to sign-up through Hockey Victoria so you are registered for the season – an additional cost at the time of purchase including insurance and SNHC entry – click here to register with Hockey Victoria.

If your child is not in the Stick2Hockey program, please click here to see all junior membership options.

The AHC offers members the opportunity to reduce their fees through a variety of volunteer roles, to enquire further contact the relevant board member in the area you are interested in volunteering.

You can also reduce your membership cost by finding an Individual Player Sponsor. If you have already paid your full membership, you will receive a $50 cash rebate, or a $50 reduction if you have not yet paid – for as little as $150 from your sponsor.

Payment Methods
Payment is required at the time of purchasing membership via Credit Card through a secure payment system. If you are unable to pay at the time of purchasing, or wish to organise a different method of payment, please contact Tracey Drake – [email protected] – to work out an alternative. Payment plans are also available.